What is admission?

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What is advertising?

Advertising is a $540 billion global business, with average growth of over 4% a year. UK growth is even higher, at over 5%, and the UK leads the world in the transformation to digital.

Advertising creates over 250,000 UK jobs and drives the wider UK creative economy. Advertising underpins the business success of major technology platforms like Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Advertising is anything that promotes a brand or concept. In the days of Mad Men, that meant an advert on the telly, in the newspaper, on the radio or on a billboard. Nowadays, advertising can be a tweet, an app, a stunt, a start-up, a film, a website or even now products and services like the Nike + Fuelband.

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Why Advertising?

Advertising is a business discipline built on creative ideas, backed up by technical and creative know-how. Here, you have the potential to be an agent of change. This is a career that makes an impact. Right now, the industry needs three types of talent.

Agencies want scientists who can translate data into insight, and harness technology to create new communications ecosystems.
Advertising wants creative technologists who can turn ideas into product and service design.
The industry wants better cross-cultural representation in every part of the business.
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Together IPA member agencies take on around 1,200 graduates and school leavers each year, making us one of the top UK employers. Has your appetite been whetted?
Take a look at these three routes into the advertising industry.

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Admission Blog


first STEM internship begins!

Congratulations to Amy from Edinburgh on being the first intern of the summer to start her placement as a Digital Strategist with Leith!

Hope you have a great first day in AdLand!



We are proud to announce…..

ANNALECT has taken on TWO Data Analysts as part of our AdMission Internship programme!

Hoorayy!!! Congrats to both new interns and to Annalect for being one of the first agencies to be part of this new initiative!

More updates on their progress to come!


Waitrose Streaming Live Ad from Dairy Farm

This coming week, Waitrose is planning on streaming a live advert from one of its dairy farms in order to show consumers where their food comes from.

Source: Campaign 


H&M Encourage Recycling

The retail brand has launched its first campaign focusing on behavioural change by encouraging consumers to recycle their unwanted clothes in order to pave the way for a “sustainable fashion future”.

Source: Marketing Week 


Pinterest Launches Advertising in UK

Pinterest in to offer advertising to UK brands for the first time as it looks to monetise it’s growing user base. By doing this, Pinterest is hoping to prove to brands that it can drive sales.

Source: Marketing Week 


Messenger Codes

Facebook opens up messenger to brands with scannable “messenger codes”. This allow brands to display codes that can be scanned by customers in order to start up an instant one on one conversation on the messenger platform. Facebook is hoping to make Messenger Codes a key customer service tool.  Three new tools are set to be released – messenger codes, Messenger Usernames and Messenger Links.

Source: Marketing Week

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