Who knows?

I graduated from university with a Maths degree and absolutely no idea what I wanted to do. I did however, have that tiny voice at the back of my head telling me “with a Maths degree I can do anything”. The actual problem was finding what that thing was. So I spent the first 3 months applying and interviewing for jobs that needed a Maths degree, IT Consultant, Data Analyst etc. It took me that long to release I was trying to find a job that wanted me, almost forgetting that simple thing “Maths grads can do anything”.  So what was anything?  I wanted to do Marketing but alas, did not know where to start. So I did a three month stint in a small PR agency. I learnt that PR was not for me but maybe Social Media and blogs were. Digital. I moved onto a start up this time and looked after their Blog and Social channels and behold the unknown world of Digital Marketing. After leaving there with the aim to find out more about Digital, I found myself in the branding arm of a creative agency. Simply being around Creative people I realised this was where I wanted to be. Digital Marketing was just a piece of a bigger puzzle, the thing which is The Advertising Industry.

I soon learnt Creative Agencies are, at most, half of this puzzle. The other half and most fascinating and challenging, in my opinion, was the Media Planning. I then started at planning agency where I did a six month stint with their Insights and Evaluation team to learn the backbone of planning media; research and data. With this resource, as a Maths grad, my first instinct was the need to use this knowledge to solve problems; marketing problems brands suffer from and how we best utilise what we know about their audience, their brand and our media to find a solution. For the first time in the 18 months since graduating I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Once the solution was identified, getting it came naturally. After all, we are natural problem solvers.

"Simply being around Creative people I realised this was where I wanted to be."