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Bryggeriets Gymnasium


Wieden & Kennedy


Keep being creative

In the beginning I didn’t really know what it meant to be in the advertising industry, but I just happened to be in it.

It was during my time in college that I called up a ‘creative boutique’. I was just looking to do some work that didn’t involve flipping burgers (no offence. I’ve done my time). Luckily they had plenty of creative work to keep me entertained.

At the time my friends were starting university, and I couldn’t find a course more attractive than where I was at that moment. I figured I could learn as much there as I could in school, and be paid for it. The cherry on top was witnessing my ideas come to life in the ‘real world’, which is, probably, the second best feeling in the world.

After establishing myself as a creative and working for a few years in Denmark, I felt an urge to move to London – the capital of advertising – if I wanted to develop as a creative and produce better work. Now I know what it means to be in advertising and I quite enjoy it.

"The cherry on top was witnessing my ideas come to life in the ‘real world’. "