Archaeology and Anthropology


Account Executive


Who knows?

From studying Nuer Political Institutions to analysing Lower Palaeolithic Oldowan stone tools, my degree in Archaeology and Anthropology was far from simple, predictable or monotonous and therefore, I knew that I needed a career that would be similarly diverse and varied.

Unlike many of my peers, a clear career path did not immediately seem obvious to me. Having spent hours at careers fairs and countless evenings at company presentations and networking events, gradually building up an enviable collection of branded mouse mats, memory sticks and pens, I remained unconvinced that a career in financial services or consultancy was really for me. It was only after attending an advertising presentation that I realised that, for those with curious minds and ambitious outlooks, advertising was in fact the obvious and superior choice.

Working as an Account Manager I am privileged to be involved with the entire process, from client brief to creative execution, and therefore I am able to build strong relationships with clients day-to-day whilst also being encouraged to think innovatively and explore ideas and concepts thoroughly. For me, a career in advertising offers that illusive balance that many careers fail to ever achieve. It is challenging and yet highly rewarding, it allows for creativity whilst also training you to have a keen eye for detail, think methodically and consider analytically. Working in advertising you shouldn’t be shy of the odd late night or urgent deadline but, in return, you will be rewarded with a career that is unlike any other.

"My degree was far from simple and predictable and therefore, I knew that I needed a career that would be similarly diverse and varied. "