Advertising and Brand Management


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Who knows?

I’m a pretty indecisive person so it came as a surprise to everyone, including me, when I decided on a career in Advertising at the ripe old age of fifteen. I took a logical step, studied Advertising and Brand Management and went straight in to the agency world. I’d always seen myself as a creative type, but with a bit of experience, I realised I was more drawn to Planning and Strategy.

Now I work as a Planner, it’s my job to understand people & businesses. Then figure out how to connect the two. My days can vary from asking a customer to talk me through the products in their fridge to mining a client’s data set for behavioural insights. My job finds a host of ways to satisfy my inner curiosity (ok, nosy-parker) and use it for real commercial benefit. As a Planner, one of the biggest challenges lies in getting people to agree with your thinking… it’s often as fun a puzzle to crack as the strategy itself!

"My job finds a host of ways to satisfy my inner curiosity. "