Volvo Life Paint / Volvo UK / Grey London

To highlight its new safety technologies for the launch of the all new Volvo X90, Grey London devised a new way of talking about safety. By launching ‘Volvo Life Paint’ – a reflective spray paint for cyclists, so they can be more visible to night time drivers and hence reduce the chances of accidents.

Because the best way to survive a crash, is not to crash.

Who did what?

Georgina Williams
Marketing Director, Volvo UK

Kylee Rush
Brand & Launch Manager, Volvo UK

Jonas Roth & Rasmus Smith Bech came up with the idea of creating ‘Volvo Life Paint’. They discovered that a reflective spray paint existed, and made the connection that this could be a fresh way of talking about safety and make it famous in culture.

Francesca Mair helped source the production partner and do the licensing deal with Albedo 100 – who actually manufacture the paint. She also produced the filmic, digital and print content assets to promote the campaign.

Wiktor Skoog came up with the creative brief, and developed the insight that the best way to survive a crash, is not to crash – especially for cyclists who suffer an ever increasing number of night time accidents.

Cristyn Bevan & Sophie Critchley helped make the campaign happen with the production team, the creative team and the Volvo clients, getting relevant legal approvals and helping to create all the campaign assets.

Albedo 100 UK the manufacturing company who actually produce the reflective paint. Volvo licensed the paint to create ‘Volvo Life Paint’ exclusively with Albedo 100.